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Improved Central Verge System (RCVS)
(Patent Pending)

Central Verge (c.v.) units are provided as road dividing lines on highways and city roads for avoiding accidents and maintaining disciplined directional traffic flow, During nights and bad weather conditions these are also useful in providing lane width guidance cum warning to drivers. After long R & D efforts and field experiments a well known scientist has developed improved design, shape and a casting matrix for precast central verge system providing light reflection from a unique angular surface, provided in C.V. units. Such facility do not exists in the present C.V. systems. The new patented shape and its reflection system makes night driving quite safe as the driver see a glowing red color line over C.V. units spaced at 5m. a part. In between no-glowing units are fixed. Hill roads bends and curves , river bank lines, Trench lines along roads, unmanned railway crossings, Temporary highway diversions are other places where drivers need night driving directions and the patented CV units are ideal for this purpose. The modified matrix makes it crash proof and protected reflecting surface makes it durable for providing a long time service. Improved Central Verge System has been Developed and Patented by Mr. P.C. Sharma, (Retd.) Head Structural Engg. Research Centre Ghaziabad (U.P.) India.

Type B CVS

Type C CVS

Evaluated and Certified for structural strength reflective capability By Indian Instt. of Technology Roorkee (Formerly Univ. of Roorkee). A world known instt. in field of civil engg. - The observations made by a Top Professor of IIT Roorkee are reproduced here :-
The unit sent for evaluation can provide a durable and excellent central verge sysem for highways with reflective/working system during night.
In addition this can be a good Turning/bend Indicator deep excavation or direction change indicator on highways, hill roads & work sites.

Reflective Angular Surface   Reflective Angular Surface

On Circular and Hexagonal units with Reflective guidance tower at top.
Various direction Signs can be given as per requirement of the department.

Turning Hospital Crossing