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We are pleased to introduce some of the revolutionary items produced in a state of the art Production Unit under strict quality control & by highly trained technicians using automatic casting machines. VIBPRESS REFCON Precast high strength Road divider-cum night guidance system(CVS) , which is crash resistant and produced using a special type of concrete formulation developed by our experts headed by Er. P.C. Sharma Retd. Head Material Sciences, Structural Engg. Research Centre Ghaziabad, (U.P.)

The Casting Matrix is Metallic and Non Metallic Fibre reinforced cement concrete added with speciality polymers and admixtures for making it absolutely impermeable and highly durable under adverse environmental & working conditions. These units are produced using Vibro pressing Technique with a specially developed automatic casting equipment. This is a unique mechanical plant which use high pressures and automatic electronic process controls.

We also offer circular and hexagonal pillar type road edge indicators with a special angular reflective surface for mounting / installing over hill retaining walls and site guide walls see figures. Minor modifications in Dimensions can be made to suit your exact requirements for circular and hexagonal pillar type road edge indicators. The CVS units are fast jointing type units and can be laid at a wonderful speed by a trained semiskilled group of technicians and helpers.

Type A unit is general purpose unit which can also be used for many other purposes other than divider unit . It is a wonderful edging cum water flow diversion unit for water shed management projects and a stopper warning unit on hill curves and Pit boundaries & traffic diversions at construction project sites.

Type B & C unit are special type units with a reflective top projection provided near the top edge (fixed at a specially researched angle). This projected portion glows red when the automobile head light fell over this surface during night and fog . The illuminating surface is clearly visible to drivers from about 500 metres and avoid accidents involving central verge and side verge hitting. A special shape of bottom portion avoid the tyre jumping up action which rubs the verge side in a extreme case.

For Type B & C unit patent (Application No. 1313/Del/2991 filed).

In the total system every 10th to 15th unit in the divider or side verge is Type B unit and this makes a continuous guide path to the road users and automobiles drivers during the night and cloudy weather. These units are extremely useful on hill roads for marking ground limits and dangerous turns and other points for cautioning the drivers during night and bad weather. This saves large number of accidents.

Our total production is quality assured and certified by ENCONG an engineering organisation known for its reputation in quality assurence of engineering products & projects well known internationally. The Scientific and updated techniques for quality assurence are used and checked by a quality assurence team periodically visiting our works.

The CV units have been evaluated by IIT Roorkee for performance and strength.

You are very kindly requested to use these Products for your project in hand (under execution) and in planning stage. Units of Type B & C can be installed in existing Verge Systems or in completed road (Over side walls) projects without any problem . See more Technical details on our products. In case you have any queries we have the best technical people, well known for competence in their fields, on our advisory panel and the advice/solutions they can offer to your problems will be definitely the best & most economical.

see technical specifications for more details

We look forward to inquiries / orders from your office.