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Manhole Cover / Assembly System

Open Manholes: A Social Problem: Open manhole in cities and towns are traffic hazards, eye-sores to the citizens and road users, if not properly and firmly covered, these became death traps. Conventional solutions like the use of sand stones, RCC covers have limitations, whereas the cast-iron manhole covers are prone to 'pilferage', as reported by the local authorities.

Acceptable Technical Solution : The Developement of precast concrete manhole covers/ frames based on plastic-fibre, reinforced concrete(PRFC) - under the Rgistered trademark of 'POLYCRETE' was pioneered by O.P. Ratra, a Plastics expert, in india way back of during 1982. This indian development, has been widely acclaimed in the country, and world-over having been demonstrated at International Conferences / Seminars held in Germany (1986), U.K.(1989 and 1992) and shaghal (China) during 1990.

The precast Polycrete-PFRC Manhole cover system was the first organised attempt in india during 1982-83,a nd since than it has been made available to user-departments all over the country from kashmir to kanya-kumari, and over a period of 20 years has instilled confidence with the local authorities. The technical usefulness of this innovative manhole cover system has also been apreciated in advanced countries.

The precast Polycrete-PFRC Manhole cover system is tailor-made meeting the technical requiements of the local autorities, as also that of IS: 1726-1991, and 12592 (Part1 & 2 1998-1991 revised), complimenting various grades (LD-2.5, MD-10, HD-20 and EHD-35 tonnes test loads) and other stipulations like clear opening/shapes, depth and seatings.

Precast Plastic Fibre reinforced concrete (PFRC) Manhole covers/cover assembly have no scrap value, thus will not attract any pilferage commonly met with conventional CI manhole covers system. Ths is one of the unique characteristics of PFRC manhole covers/system, and this helps minimize extra financial drain on the part of local authorities concerned with maintenance of open or semicovered manholes in cities and towns.

During the period 1982-2002 Polycrete (PFRC) manhole covers/system have been successfully tried, and evaluated by local authorities / Public Health Engineering Department / Municipal Corporations / Committees etc. in India, on busy city roads, and have thus demonstrated that they can withstand impact load and vibrations of vehicular traffic. Based on 10 tonne axle load of vehicles, Polycrete (PFRC) manhole covers have been successfully designed and rated as suitable for 15-35 tonnes test load/ultimate breaking load, depending on the seating / depth of the frames corresponding to the thickness of the covers, and certified for heavy - duty traffic.