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Solid, Hollow or Interlocking Blocks

Are produced using Concrete, Flyash Cement Concrete, Light weight Aggregate concrete have been used for long time in large number of countries for improving durability, strength, Fire resistance and speed of construction . Mechanically Produced units provide higher strength and dimensional accuracy for better quality and Geometrical controls in building structures. Blocks of all sizes, shapes , textures in grey or white / color cement finishes are produced using specially designed & developed hydraulic / vibro pressing plant, block units produced using crash proof high performance, Fibre reinforced concrete , Sound absorbing and insulating units are available on demand.

Flyash Building blocks are produced using mixes specially developed by an internationally known material scientist. They have higher water resistant, low water absorption and higher strength.

An automatic plant has been develo- ped and is being used for producing durable strong Flyash building blocks.

Paving of Roads, Public Meeting Parks /Plateforms with aesthetic beauty and practically zero maintenance has become possible due to interlocking concrete blocks now being used world wide as 1st choice.

Various types of Interlocking Pavement tiles suitable for variety of purposes ranging from street or backyard pavements, path ways, road sides to bus stand or truck terminal linings with or wthout grouted joints, are produced using mechanised plant.